What Attendees are Saying

The World Health Care Congress is a fantastic opportunity to hear about a broad range of healthcare topics across the industry. It's an intimate platform to engage with your peers, hear about new trends and innovation and engage with vendors from startups up to established players in the industry. WHCC consistently brings together some of the brightest minds and topics in the industry.— Chief Information Officer, Natick VNA, Inc.
This was my first WHCC but it certainly won't be my last. A thoughtful, engaged group of attendees coupled with strong content makes for a good conference.— Chief Behavioral Officer, Clover Health
My experience at WHCC was outstanding. I truly benefited from the great insights and perspective from the other people I met during my time at the conferenc.e— Vice President Wellness Tranformation, Walmart Stores Inc.
The World Health Care Congress always brings together experienced and dynamic speakers to present on various topics in healthcare. From the keynote speakers to the summits, the World Health Care Congress fosters an environment of learning and the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the industry's experts. I look forward to this conference every year!— Employee Health and Wellness Manager, City of Mesa
I was very impressed with the conference - topics, knowledge and experience of the speakers, exhibitors and attendees. I participated in as much as I could and especially enjoyed the interaction and ability to share and receive information.— Director, Health Care Delivery Management Administration, DC Department of Health Care Finance
Yearly, The World Health Care Congress brings together a visionary, talented, and diverse set of leaders who represent all parts of the healthcare ecosystem. For all attendees, this amalgam of thoughts and opinions empowers actionable change that can be brought back to their respective organizations.— Associate Enterprise Chief Medical Information Officer, Department of Medical Informatics and Data Science, Dignity Health
Once again WHCC proved to be an outstanding conference where the most knowledgeable people in the field came together to learn about industry practices and to exchange ideas which inevitably translates to better care for people in need.— Director of Government Relations, Office of Legal Affairs, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare
The U.S. healthcare industry is in a period of transformation fueled by disruptive innovation, displaced clinical models and the awakening of the patient as an informed consumer. To bridge this gap, we must empower patients and providers to shift from reactive care delivery to proactive management of total health. Healthcare providers who earn their place in the future must serve a higher purpose. WHCC prepares such leaders.— President and CEO, Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital and Saint Thomas West Hospital
Attending and presenting at the World Health Care Congress is something I look forward to each year. It's the most organized conference I go to, and the most valuable. The topics are always relevant to my role in health care, and I leave with new ideas to make improvements to the programs I manage.— US Healthcare Delivery, Global Health and Wellness, Intel Corporation
WHCC 2018 upped the game from the prior year by not only including the most comprehensive list of stakeholders and thought leaders in a very broad range of healthcare delivery and financing, but the addition of the Health Value Awards is moving WHCC into a small space as an authority not just on education, but also much needed transformation in very important, and stagnant space.— President, Lake Norman Benefits
As a first-time attendee at the World Congress Healthcare conference, I can honestly say that I was completely impressed. The content of the sessions, quality of the keynotes and relevance of all topics discussed were outstanding! Walking away from the conference, I feel like I have a true pulse on what the key initiatives and driving principals for healthcare currently are, as well as affirmation that our company is charging down the right path.— TSr. Manager, Benefits, American Eagle Outfitters
This was my first WHCC and I was very impressed at both the caliber of the presenters as well as the richness of the content. The track sessions as well as the keynote sessions had some of the richest, most relevant content that I have encountered at any health care conference that I have attended. While WHCC was highly recommended, having experienced it myself, I will definitely be recommending it to my health care colleagues as a must-attend.— Chief Financial Officer & Founder, Corstrata
The 15th annual WHCC was perhaps the best conference I've ever attended. It was powerful to see national healthcare thought leaders not just talking about healthcare cost reduction, but proving it with dramatic, replicable results. It was inspirational and influential.— Director, Health Informatics, Lynchburg College (University of Lynchburg, effective Fall 2018)
I have been to dozens of professional conferences and this was definitely one of the best. So many promising opportunities emerged for Face2Face Health. Exciting - as it is all really good stuff!— Chief Knowledge Officer, Face2Face Health
The World Health Care Congress brings together a great group of thought leaders to discuss the transformation of health care, the financing and delivery of care, and the opportunities to bring more value to the market. I was impressed by the 2018 lineup of panelists, including those that joined me in the keynote discussion on making value-based care a reality.— Chief Executive Officer, Health Plan Products, Sutter Health
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