Sunday, April 28, 2019

Morning Workshop A 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Leading with Confidence: Career Advancement Strategies for Women in Health Care

It is important for women executives to acquire the necessary skills to excel professionally and move up the corporate ladder. With the right leadership style and attitude, women will be well-equipped for success and growth at different stages of their career. In this interactive workshop:

  • Discover and Hone Your Leadership Style
    • Discuss leadership strategies – What works and what works for you?
      • Adapt to the changing health care environment
    • Build a robust team
  • Enhance Your Communication Skills
    • Explore effective negotiation strategies
    • Assess what body language impacts vs. detracts: Which mannerisms reflect confidence?
    • Unleash the power of storytelling
      • Develop your narrative to earn your seat at the table
  • Brainstorming Session
    • Address career advancement challenges and discuss solutions
    • Discuss tips to accelerate growth and avoid feeling stagnant
    • Build a network: What is the importance of mentorship?

    Workshop Leader:

Afternoon Workshop A 12:30 – 3:30 pm

The New Science of Radical Innovation: Catalyze Radical Innovation in Your Organization

Radical innovation is a serendipitous result of many employees’ learning from trial and error using simple rules. Any organization that does not change as fast as its environment faces extinction. This workshop demystifies how senior leaders can catalyze an organization to produce, not incremental, but radical improvement and innovation. Core to the workshop are foundational, simple rules that empower self-organized decision making. Attendees assess why methods that served organizations in the past will not serve them in the future – in fact debilitate them – and explore novel, science-backed approaches to leadership including:

  • Core competencies necessary to succeed in a modern and complex organization and an environment where uncertainty abounds
  • Approaches to delegate and distribute authority that empower individuals to make decisions quickly and effectively
  • Steps to master simple, foundational rules and to avoid paralysis by perfection
  • Practice developing an actionable game plan to gain leadership competencies necessary for radical innovation
  • Exploration of actionable, tangible tools and roadmaps for industry game-changing innovation

Workshop Leader:

Afternoon Workshop B

Employer Direct Contracting Strategies with High-Performance Providers to Bend the Cost Curve and Improve Outcomes

Failure to identify the right partner can result in ineffective care delivery that provides minimal or no value. In this workshop, discuss novel employer-led direct contracting approaches that significantly reduce costs and ensure quality care.

  • Move away from conventional direct contracting arrangements
    • Understand the characteristics of high-performance provider organizations
    • Collaborate with high-value providers that deliver improved outcomes
      • Discuss evaluation criteria to identify the right provider partner: What are the mandatory questions employers must ask providers?
  • Explore direct contracting arrangements including:
    • Advanced Primary Care Medical Homes
    • Centers of Excellence
    • PBM contracting
  • Gain insight on data infrastructure needs
  • Brainstorm ideas to bring innovation to direct contracting
    • Address barriers
    • What role do TPAs, brokers, and benefits advisers play?

Workshop Leader:

Afternoon Workshop C

Case-Driven Leadership MasterClass: Top Tips for Successfully Implementing Change Initiatives

Space is limited

In this case-based leadership masterclass, attendees discuss critical success factors that transform professionals into more effective leaders, who in turn distinguish their organizations as industry frontrunners. Understand pre-conditions for higher productivity and performance – more speed and lower cost–based on theory and practical examples.

  • Engage in a provocative case discussion that challenges participants’ decision-making process
  • Explore several enablers that transform individuals into leaders who create a unique and adaptable competitive advantage
  • Understand the tie-in between these pre-conditions for change and the ability to successfully launch, lead, and realize value from change initiatives

Workshop Leader:

More workshops coming soon! Please check back for updates.

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